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Woodstock '69 icon Country Joe McDonald :
"Michael Murphy's novel, Goodbye Emily, is an entertaining and poignant adventure. Well written and easy to read. The book revisits the Woodstock Music Festival through the minds and lives of several men who were there and plan to return to the original site. All characters have their own reasons for the journey but it is easy for anyone of that generation to identify with them and their struggle to deal with present and the past. A very enjoyable and timely and fun read. It is a great book but would also make one hell of a great movie."

Woodstock '69 legend Wavy Gravy :
"What we have in mind is a sweet look back at the good old days. We must have been in heaven, man."
"I received an advance copy of GOODBYE EMILY a couple of days after the 43rd anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival where I spent my first weekend ever in America, and I have to say that - besides the perfect timing - I was touched by the beauty of the story, Michael Murphy's easy natural flow of words on the page, and the obvious integrity, respect and love which the author displays for the spirit of what became a turning page in modern american culture.

Those of us who were actually there will be happily brought "back to the garden" while the book is a perfect road map for those who wish they did. Unlike other attempts which were written from the outside looking in, the contemporary story of GOODBYE EMILY was written from the inside out ... and that's probably why I could not put it down.

Do yourself a favor" get your own copy NOW and enjoy the wonderful and "long strange trip it's been."

Actor Francis Dumaurier

"The memories of Woodstock live on with many people in the modern day. "Goodbye Emily" is an intriguing novel following a professor as he copes with the loss of his life's love who he met at Woodstock. With age catching up with him and with others he still knows from the day, they seek one last trip to remember themselves and their lives into the twilight. "Goodbye Emily" is a fine and much recommended addition to any literary fiction collection." Midwest Book Review
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"I chuckled along, and in places I cried, and I finished the book with sad/happy tears running down my face – happy to have enjoyed the memories and sad for the days gone by." Lynne Morgan Spreen, author of Dakota Blues.
Goodbye Emily is amusing, heartwarming and inviting. Through Sparky's healing journey, we discover that while we can’t escape heartbreak, we can't let that keep us from pursuing love. I laughed, I cried...I thoroughly enjoyed Goodbye Emily." Jen Estes, author of the Four Ball Mystery Series

"I was somewhat skeptical about what the novel, Goodbye Emily would turn out to be, but now that I’ve read it, I’m a fan! Michael has really captured the feel of Woodstock – the chaos, the mud, the dope, and the community spirit (OK, the peace and love) that held everything together for the weekend. As I was reading the book, I could visualize everything Michael wrote about, and I easily recalled the shortages of food, shelter and Porta Potties. I remember being caked in mud, much like Michael’s characters. The description of the setting was pitch perfect.” Blogger and Woodstock attendee Peter Faur.
"An ending that will bring tears to your eyes and a smile on your face as Sparky, Buck, Cloe, Lady, Josh and even more make their way one more time to relive those special three days. What happens and if they really succeed? What will the final note be in Josh's life? A farewell so fitting you won't believe the ending." Reviewer Fran Lewis
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"I cried. I laughed. Dinner was late. I didn't want it to end. That pretty much sums up one of the best books I've ever read." Author Dianne Harmon